Thanks to the generosity of some amazing supporters, we have recently added two new students to our Secondary School Scholarship program!!

Rena (pictured left) has just graduated from primary school and will be attending a junior high school in Praya, about an hour from Gerupuk. Mega (right) is entering her final year of Junior High School, and next year hopes to enter a vocational Senior High School.

Both long-time students in Pelita Foundation’s classes, the girls are bright and vibrant (and often hilarious!) and both hope to become chefs when they finish school.

Pelita Foundation is supporting the girls’ families by paying the girls’ tuition fees, accommodation costs and uniforms (which are often the most expensive part of going to school). Even more importantly, our staff will support the girls and their families with regular home and school visits to keep up to date with their progress and help them to deal with any problems that might arise.

The girls were selected from 11 students applying for the two new scholarship positions this semester. Students interested in applying were required to undergo a one month course in public speaking with Pelita Foundation. The course included lessons about writing speeches, body language, use of voice, relaxation techniques for calming nerves and watching films of famous speeches.

We wish Mega and Rena huge success in reaching their goals and look forward to helping them along the way!


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