Working to protect the rights of the children in our community

We facilitate the formation of community-led child rights protection groups (Forum Anak and LPAD), which work to raise awareness of and tackle head on the issues that south Lombok children face.

The biggest social issues in south Lombok are the frequent occurance of childhood marriage and child abuse. Marriages between teenagers are very common and pose a problem because once married, it is illegal for students to continue their schooling.

In turn, high divorce rates mean that children are often left without a stable home and without proper support to attend school. This lack of education and work skills often perpetuates the cycle of poverty which many families live under.

Our programs in this area:

Youth mentorship program (Forum Anak)
This youth-led program informs teenagers of their rights as children and opens communication channels for them to talk openly about their concerns and experiences in a safe space.

Community child rights advocacy group (LPAD)
Already established in other parts of south Lombok, the LPAD is a group of adult community members who work to protect children’s rights and tackle head on issues such as childhood marriage and abuse. The group is a point of contact for children who feel unsafe or want to report an incident.

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