Pelita Foundation’s 2016 School Scholarship Application Day was a big success, with over 25 students presenting their application speeches – in English! – to their families, fellow students, a panel of judges and some visiting tourists.

Pelita’s School Scholarship Program is now well-established, with regular parents’ meetings and individual parent-teacher interviews each semester. As many of our scholarship students move away from the village for the first time to attend high school, it’s important that we keep communication open and support our students and their families on both a practical and emotional level.

While only one or two students can be accepted each year, the application day is an opportunity for students to learn about and practice their public speaking skills, and especially about managing their nerves!

We have two local staff members, Satria and Badar, consistently helping and supporting our students, and it’s heartwarming to see our older scholarship students now helping their younger counterparts with the sometimes daunting process of applying for high schools and moving away from home.

This year’s successful applicants, Nurul and Neni, are both girls – which means we now have more girls than boys in the program. Nurul and Neni both come from poor families, and are overjoyed to have the opportunity to be able to continue their education.