We would like to introduce Badar! Badar works together with our international volunteers to run our daily English classes. An experienced high school English teacher, Badar often acts as an interpreter at Foundation events and meetings as well.

Badar is about the happiest, most lively person you will meet in Gerupuk (closely followed by his cousin Keto, whom some of you will know from the Surfcamp : ) He’s super enthusiastic about playing the guitar, learning to surf (though he says, “I don’t surf, I just paddle around!”) and is rapidly becoming known as a comedian, since hosting some student events and having his audience roll around laughing!

Our students feel very comfortable with Badar, as he lives amongst them and is family to many of them. He is always looking out for their wellbeing, and hopes that Pelita Foundation can help all Gerupuk children to reach their dreams. He says: “At the current time we are helping kids who want an education but whose parents can’t afford to send them to school. In the future I hope Pelita Foundation can support more kids who want a good education.”

Badar particularly enjoys working with senior students on reading comprehension and writing exercises. Badar says,”We let the kids have fun and be creative while they are learning English. It’s really awesome that the kids have native speakers they can practice their English with.”

Badar often becomes good friends with our volunteers and is always very sad when they leave! He’s a real joy to work with and we wish him all the best for a long future with Pelita Foundation.

Thankyou Mister Badar! : )