This month we’ve been lucky to be visited by several volunteers who specialise in health!

We were joined by a group of volunteers from Jakarta who ran a workshop with our senior students. The workshop was high-energy and was based around a catchy song about the five main areas for healthy living: eat well, drink a lot of water, be active everyday, get enough sleep and don’t drink or smoke!

The kids enjoyed learning the song (and the dance moves : ) and some simple, practical tips for staying healthy.

Another visitor, Tyler, a health science graduate from the US, put together an interactive health workshop for our senior students, which covered topics such as preventing the spread of viruses, oral health care and the effect of smoking cigarettes on both your health and your finances!

As a group we calculated out how much money can be saved for every day of not buying cigarettes. In around seven months a person who usually buys two packets of cigarettes a day could instead afford to buy a second-hand motorbike!

We have now implemented a reward system for students who bring drinking water to class, with the aim to develop healthy habits!

A huge THANKYOU to all of our volunteers for giving your time and energy, and for showing us a good time! : )