Providing skills for both work and life

We provide holistic educational programs which not only provide opportunities for our students to gain work skills, but also increase their participation in the community, build confidence and increase their general wellbeing.

Here in south Lombok early marriage often leads to a lack of education, and work skills, especially for women, and the area faces a lack of skilled workers. South Lombok is not a high priority for educational government programs, and low levels of education inevitably lead to high rates of juvenile crime. At the same time, tourism is rapidly developing, with the Mandalika resort complex underway and the international MotoGP set to be held in 2021.

Around 200 students attend our classes each week, and all of our programs are provided to the community free of charge (we depend on donor support to keep them running!).

Our programs in this area:

Women’s Sewing Program
Having sewing skills opens up opportunities for women to start their own business, or to find employment. Our sewing classes are taught by a local seamstress and are held three times a week. While work skills are certainly valuable, the women tell us that the best part of the course is making new friends and spending time together away from their many household responsibilities.

Children’s English classes
Being able to communicate in English opens up a world of opportunities for Lombok locals. All of our children’s English classes are held after school hours, and we have developed a curriculum for students aged from five to 18. Classes are interactive and fun!

Adult English classes
Our adult classes focus on job-specific language and building confidence.

Teacher training
We partner with vocational high schools in south Lombok to run workshops with their English teachers. Learning skills and techniques from international volunteers helps build the capacity of local teachers.

Life Skills classes
Our Life Skills classes aim to provide our students with a range of different skills and for work and life. They include activities such as: computer classes; creative arts, music and creative expression; emotional awareness, mindfulness and relaxation; public speaking and communication skills; sports, community events and team building; and career guidance, by inviting local speakers or visiting schools.

School scholarships
Children who finish their formal education are less likely to marry before the legal age, and are better equipped to make life decisions. As many of our students’ parents didn’t have the opportunity to attend school, children often have little practical support in their day-to-day school lives.

Our scholarship students receive both financial and practical support to complete their formal education, as well as ongoing support as they move into gaining employment and/or further study.

Surfer Girls Group
This program is all about encouraging participation in physical activities, increasing girls’ confidence and having fun! Surfing is a healthy passtime where girls can spend time having fun together while getting fit and connecting with nature, as they work on improving their skills. The girls learn how to prepare the boards and equipment, how the waves work, surfer safety and ettiquette, and of course how to catch waves!

Tourism Industry Training
In 2021 we plan to facilitate government programs which provide intensive skills training for tourism and hospitality work, to assist local residents in gaining employment in south Lombok’s fast-growing tourism industry.

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