Between July and September of 2018, north Lombok was hit by four major earthquakes and over 200 aftershocks, killing hundreds of people and displacing thousands.

North Lombok lost 439 schools in the devastation, leaving over 75,000 children without a safe learning environment. With the Education Department stating that it would be over two years before permanent schools could be rebuilt, Pelita’s solution was to build temporary, earthquake-safe buildings for local teachers and students to return to in the meantime.

The Pelita team conduct assessments of damaged schools, liase with local community members, government officials, coordinate the building process and provide school resources.We have currently built 15 schools in north Lombok, helping over 2500 children return to school.

This project is funded by our Australian partner organisation, Classroom of Hope (COH). Founded in 2012 by Duncan Ward and Nicola Courtin, COH’s missions is to bring hope to children living in poverty through access to life-changing education. They partner with established community based organisations in South East Asia and Africa to build schools and implement educational initiatives.

We are so proud to have partnered with the COH team. To make a donation to our Pop Up initiative or find out more about our partners, please go to their website.


We also aim to help Lombok residents prepare for any future emergencies by facilitating workshops in disaster preparedness, first aid and lifesaving. Many Lombok residents live in remote areas without access to emergency services, so it’s important that they have the skills and plans to deal with emergencies.

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