Thanks to the amazing work of some dedicated supporters, in 2014 we had 10 second-hand iPads donated and launched our Digital Literacy Program.

As the digital revolution reaches Indonesia, millions of new users are being connected to the internet for the first time via mobile devices. This means Gerupuk kids will soon have access to the same information and online opportunities as kids in Europe or America – while some of their older relatives have never visited the next village.

Educational apps and a semi-reliable internet connection have allowed us to explore learning models which put students in charge of their own learning. Self-learning techniques we have experimented with include Sugata Mitra’s Self Organised Learning Environment (SOLE) Watch a video of one of our classes here! We aim to encourage curiosity and excitement about learning and, most importantly, to have fun doing it!

This type of teaching program has yet to become commonplace in developing countries and we’re excited to discover the possibilities that this platform offers rural Indonesia. We look forward to sharing what we learn with the online community.


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