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As a volunteer for Pelita Foundation you will play an important role in implementing our learning programs – and if you love surfing (or skateboarding, snorkelling, diving or fishing!) you’ll be in the perfect environment to follow your passion!


Teacher /Teaching Assistant
(minimum 1 + months)

As a Teacher or Teaching Assistant for Pelita Foundation you will be holding or assisting in daily classes in English as a Second Language, as well as simple Digital Literacy and Life Skills lessons. You will work closely with our local team of local and international teachers and volunteers.

Specific requirements:

  • Due to the importance of this role we will only consider applications from qualified teachers or teaching graduates.
  • Experience teaching both primary and secondary students.
  • Time spent living and working in remote environments.
  • Familiarity with iOS devices (using iPads, downloading and managing apps, etc).
  • Excellent written and spoken English skills.

General requirements:

  • An open heart, a positive attitude and a genuine interest in helping the children of Gerupuk are, of course, essential.
  • A passion for teaching and working with children and young adults.
  • Collaboration with our local team and our advisors, some of whom work remotely.
  • In order to communicate with your team mates you will need to carry a mobile device with internet connectivity which can be used to connect to the available EDGE or 3G network.
  • Adaptability and a sense of humour (life in Lombok can be unpredictable, frustrating and/or amazing, all in the same day!)
  • Indonesian speaking skills are not essential but strongly preferred.
  • Sensitivity to local cultural customs.

Fees and other costs:

As a small non-profit, we are not yet able to offer free accommodation or to cover your travel, insurance or other related expenses. However we respect that you are coming here to give freely of your time, and only charge the minimum required to cover costs.

Airport pickup and orientation:

Rp 200.000 (approx. US $15 / 14 Euros / AUD $20) covers:

  • Airport pickup by our local driver and hosting by our Volunteer Facilitator, who will help get you settled in and look after you throughout your stay.
  • Once you’ve arrived you will be taken through an induction and orientation, covering local customs and Foundation procedures.

Accommodation fee:

  • Cost depends on the level of accommodation you choose.
  • Rp 150.000 per night (approx. US $11 / 10 Euros / AUD $15) for a simple homestay.
  • Rp 235.000 per night (approx. US $17 / 15 Euros / AUD $25) for a private bungalow.

Food costs:

  • Breakfast and/or basic kitchen facilities will be provided at your homestay.
  • For lunch and dinner you have two options:
    • Eat at restaurants in the village – prices for a meal range from Rp 20.000 (approx. US$1.50 / 1.30 Euros / AUD $2) to around Rp 60.000 (approx. US$4.50 / 4 Euros / AUD $6); OR
    • Dine with the staff and guests of Surfcamp Lombok (www.surfcampindo.com) for Rp 50.000 a day (approx. US$3.50 / 3 Euros / AUD $5). Meals are simple and some (not all) special dietary requirements can be met.

Getting around: 

  • Scooters can be hired for around Rp 50.000 per day (approx. US$3.50 / 3 Euros / AUD $5).
  • A private car with driver costs at least Rp 100.000 per trip (approx. US$7 / 6.50 Euros / AUD $10) to leave the village.
  • It is possible (and a lovely cultural experience!) to get around by foot within the village – but it’s usually very hot!

If you’re interested in applying for this position, please click the button below to fill out our application form.



Being involved with the Pelita Foundation is such a great experience. The kids have so much fun while they’re here and their happiness is infectious. It’s amazing being a part of something so important and watching it grow and progress.

Jo, Australia

Johnson & Jeremy

The Pelita Foundation is a treasure for the Gerupuk community. Being able to spend time with the students has created great memories and added something unexpected to my travels. I wish the Foundation the best of luck developing this beautiful and important project.

Matt, Australia


I volunteered for the Pelita Foundation for 18 months and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The connection that the staff have with the children is unique, radiating kindness and true compassion. As a volunteer you really feel a part of the “family” and gain a sense of achievement as the benefits of our programs for the local community become more and more obvious. During my time in Gerupuk I learnt so many life lessons and I have the Pelita Foundation to thank for that.

Lucy, United Kingdom

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